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How To Match A Practical and Comfortable Lighting (Home Lighting Part 1)

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Lighting design for different Spaces - The sitting room (1)

    The sitting room is the very important public activity place in the home, if you want to build a warm and relaxed sitting room atmosphere,it’s not easy. Living room Lighting needs to be diversified, with basic lighting but also focus and fun Lighting at the same time, cooperate with each other of use lamplight to build atmosphere is not easy, you can install overmuch lighting possibly.


    So, what does the right lighting look like?

    Basic illume can use ceiling light, its light is most appropriate with warm white light, it can keep the relaxed of whole space and nature, slight yellow light still can let sitting room more sweet. The choice of ceiling light should decide according to the area of the sitting room, height and style.

    If sitting room area is not big, only 12, 13 square metre, and bedroom shape is irregular, so the proposal chooses absorb ceiling light.

    If the floor height is less than 2.6 meters, you can use ceiling light to make the living room look high, and with local lighting floor lights, wall lights, down lights (2700k-3000k warm light) to increase the cordial, harmonious atmosphere, but not too much.

    If the sitting room is height and big, to coordinate the brightness difference of up and down space, you can use droplight, can highlight the magnificence of the space.

    Sopt light, down light is typical have no advocate lamp, contemporary feeling is strong, focal point is outstanding, have "make the finishing point" effect, build indoor illume atmosphere.

    Lamp-belt lighting is a kind of concealed lighting, which closely combines lighting and architectural structure. It has two forms:

    One kind is to use the opaque adornment board that is parallel with the wall to cover illuminant, illuminate wall, to protect a wall board, curtain, wall to act the role of bring dramatic light effect.

     Another kind is illuminant is up, make lamplight classics ceiling is reflected come down, make ceiling produces floating effect, form hazy feeling.


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