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  • Sep
    Design sense lamps show unique taste Creative lighting

    When night falls, Wanjia lights guide people to their homes. Today, no matter whether it is a table lamp, a wall lamp or a chandelier, people are no longer just satisfied with the lighting use of lamps. People who are good at pursuing quality of life are keen to find unique lighting, while also addi

  • Sep
    How to install a crystal lamp

    Crystal lamp, most family or hotel project preferred, Brilliant, luxurious, gorgeous, retro atmosphere. But the installation of crystal lamp looks very tedious, all kinds of parts like light bulbs, beads etc. Here is to teach everybody seven steps to install crystal light easily.1, Test the fittings

  • Sep
    Decorate the home improvement with a decorative light

    living room The living room is the largest space in the home. The high color temperature will make the space empty and cold, while the low color temperature will increase the irritability of the people. Therefore, the living room should use neutral light to make the living room look bright and

  • Sep
    Lighting options in interior design

    For a house in a general sense, different local spaces may correspond to different life scenarios and home behaviors, and this home behavior will change with the changes of the occupants themselves.However, the implementation and modification of the lighting design scheme need to shift the power sup

  • Sep
    How to choose the restaurant lamps

    If do advanced restaurant, people patronize basically is dinner, and the lamp is the leading role that builds atmosphere.1. The restaurant should adopt incandescent lamp with low color temperature, milk white bulb or frosted bulb, with diffuse light, without glare, with natural light feeling, which

  • Sep
    Learn how to create better light for brighter pupils

    Good quality lighting isn’t just about energy efficiency and great looking spaces. Better lighting can also support better learning.Our new Education Lighting guide: Brighter Pupils, shows you how to bring these benefits to your next lighting project in a school or other educational setting.We take

  • Sep
    Modern and stylish home bedroom lighting

    Instrument chandelier/beat lightBritish handsome pot designer Tom Dixon traveled to India and saw that the containers of Indian water were fresh, the pots for cooking were also interesting, and the inspiration broke out, and the Beat series chandeliers were designed.The black inner gold is the bigge

  • Sep
    Learn how light is making cities smarter and more liveable

    Great urban lighting can set cities free at night, giving new identity and character to outdoor spaces.Our new Urban Life Lighting guide shows you how to do this on your next urban lighting project, using the latest lighting technology from THORN.We take you through the key considerations for urban


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