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  • Apr
    Classification of project light.

    All kinds of project lights are very common in our life. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, there are more and more kinds of project lamps. This article will introduce the classifications of project lamps in detail.

  • Apr
    How to choose the decorative lighting for your house during current epidemic situation?

    Decorative lighting is indispensable to modern home lighting , and can also create a household atmosphere.There are many types of home decorative lighting, the lighting products on the market of lamps and lanterns is to let a person dazzling. This article will share with you how to choose the decorative lighting for your house during the current epidemic situation.

  • Jul
    How to choose pendant lamp?

    The chandelier can provide a good decorative effect while providing lighting, so many friends will consider the chandelier when decorating. So, how to choose a chandelier?

  • Jul
    Precautions for custom made lighting

    Customized lamps need to consider many factors. This article uses the hotel as an example to tell you what precautions for customized lamps.

  • Jul
    Information for the use of crystal chandelier

    In addition to copying large ceiling lamps and ordinary lighting lamps in the living room space, you can also add some small crystal chandeliers to adjust the atmosphere. Even at home, you can also taste the romantic hotel. Different shapes can also have different effects. The effect of this effect depends on the style of the crystal chandelier we choose. If you want to have the effect of decorating the home during the day, it is to choose some more beautiful, colorful colors can make your surroundings more vibrant. The chandelier of the crystal chandelier refracted the sunlight entering the house and spilled on the floor, one by one. This has the dreamy warmth of the night, night is daytime, daytime is night.

  • Jul
    Selection of project light size

    Lamps and lanterns are essential building materials for home improvement. Generally, the living room should choose solemn and bright chandeliers or ceiling project lamps. The project lights in the master bedroom should not be too bright, and the size should not be too large. The lighting needs to be mild and comfortable. The project lighting selected must form a certain proportion with the size of the existing room. Is not suitable.

  • Jul
    Installation requirements for home lighting

    House lighting seems to belong to an object that does not occupy a large area in the home environment, but there are many requirements for the home environment, installation location, and even the home lighting itself during installation. Only when these conditions are met can the home lighting be regulated.

  • Jun
    Correct use of home lighting

    Home lighting design is an important part of soft decoration design. The quality of the lighting effect directly affects the grade of the home space, which more reflects the owner's pursuit of life quality and taste. The design methods are generally divided into three types, namely general lighting, local lighting and accent lighting. Choosing the appropriate lighting method according to different functional areas is an important part of home lighting design. Generally speaking, the brightness distribution of these three lighting modes has a golden ratio: 1: 3: 5.

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