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  • Dec
    Modern Hotel Decorative Bedside Glass Brass Wall Light

    It is no exaggeration that lighting is the soul of the world,can you imagine our world without lights?We deal in all kinds of custom lighting items here: Welcome to visit our website if you have time,thank you.I trust it can bring happiness and lucky for you.

  • Dec
    How to choose hotel project light

    Hotel project light is an important part of the hotel decoration design, lighting can express the feeling, as many other aspects of the display shows less, so the choice of hotel to project light on extra attention.However, for those who lack knowledge in this field, it is not easy to choose the hot

  • Dec
    New customs made hotel floor light

    Beautiful hotel floor light for our client project. The item material is made of steel and fabric shade. Finish with champange color.

  • Dec
    How to choose the style of lighting

    Lighting styleAccording to the style of the lamp, the lighting can be simply divided into four different styles: European, Chinese, American, and modern. These four categories of lighting have their advantages.Modern lampSimplicity, alternative, and pursuit of fashion are the biggest characteristics

  • Dec
    The point to choose floor lamp

    Floor lamp is usually used as local lighting, not to pay attention to comprehensiveness, but to emphasize the convenience of moving, which is very practical for the construction of corner atmosphere. If the lighting mode of floor lamp is direct downward projection, it is suitable for reading and oth

  • Nov
    How To Clean A Crystal Chandelier

    To keep a crystal chandelier shining its brightest, give it a good cleaning once a year or so.Most chandeliers can be handled by the weekend do-it-yourselfer, but if your fixture is hung too high or is just too elaborate, call in a professional cleaning service to handle the job.Follow these simple

  • Nov
    Creative home chandelier recommended

    Lamps and lanterns generally include chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, track lamps, spotlights, wall lamps, table lamps, night lamps and so on. Of course, as a general home design, hangingA lamp or ceiling lamp is the most important. There is a pendant decoration. The proper choice will defin

  • Nov
    Knowledge about lighting

    There are many types of LED series lighting fixtures, from living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom to aisle, balcony, bar counter! From indoor to outdoor, more to decorate the surrounding environment, the design style of modern lighting fixtures is more and more diversified, classic,


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