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  • Apr
    Classification of project light.

    All kinds of project lights are very common in our life. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, there are more and more kinds of project lamps. This article will introduce the classifications of project lamps in detail.

  • Apr
    How to choose the decorative lighting for your house during current epidemic situation?

    Decorative lighting is indispensable to modern home lighting , and can also create a household atmosphere.There are many types of home decorative lighting, the lighting products on the market of lamps and lanterns is to let a person dazzling. This article will share with you how to choose the decorative lighting for your house during the current epidemic situation.

  • Oct
    Process of custom made lighting

    The customization process of lamps and lanterns is different from the general lighting purchase, first of all, the designer needs to have a close contact and communication with the user, understand the user's hobbies and the style of the required place, and then go to the door to measure and design a reasonable lighting customization plan.

  • Sep
    Several styles of custom made lighting

    When making choices for customized lamps, do you often have a headache for choosing the type of lamps? My mind is full of European-style lights, Chinese-style lights, American-style lights, modern lights ... Various styles emerge in your brain, but you just can't make up your mind.

  • Sep

    Home life is very important to everyone, whether it is from the decoration, design, furniture placement, etc., or quality of life,safety, convenience and so on. Next, let's take a look at how to choose LED lamps with suitable power for different space in the home!BalconyNow every family has a balcon

  • Sep
    Purchasing tips and precautions for project light

    Project lights are mainly used in single building, exterior wall lighting of historical building group, interior and exterior lighting, interior lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special facilities lighting, bar, ballroom and other entertainment venue

  • Sep
    Several false choices of home lighting

    All along, we have been talking about some methods and principles of home lighting design and commercial lighting design, but rarely mentioned those common misunderstandings. In this article, the author does not only talk about methods, but also focuses on several common mistakes in home improvement lighting design, and attaches the correct solutions.

  • Sep
    How to install chandelier?

    The lighting of the chandelier can create a unique atmosphere in the home. When it is necessary to install a chandelier, most people also want to be able to do it themselves, but they do not know how to install it. So, how to install the chandelier? Let's take the crystal chandelier as an example.

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