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What decorative function does lighting have ?

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    Originally, We buy lamps because they can bring us light. However, lamps are not only for illumination, but also for other purposes, such as decoration. How many decorative function do you know? Let’s check it out with me.

Here are the content list:

  • Division area

  • Highlighting

  • Create the atmosphere

  • Color change

    1. Division Area. This method is usually used in the decoration of the sitting room. Just imagine that a long hanging lamp is suspended above the table, and the lamp shade of warm color is around the table, so it is natural to define a repast area in the sitting room. The advantage of lamp division is: we can ensure both the functional division and the integrity of the space.

    2. Highlighting. It is perfect to highlight the decoration emphasis by lights. For instance, if we just hang some small pictures on the wall, it’s hard for people to notice them. However, if you hang on these pictures with some small spotlights, these pictures will be the visual center of the room or the corridor immediately. We can also make an on/off switch on the light so that it has different focus at different times . This emphasis method is concise and effective.


    3. Create the atmosphere. Different lighting can create a different atmosphere. Even a desk lamp can generate various effects and emotions. Such as romantic, calm, bright, etc.

    4.Color change. Color is an important factor of interior decoration. It is simple to use the color of the light to adjust the colour of the bedroom. If we don’t change the color for a long time, we will get used to it and gradually we will be lack of freshness of the general decoration. But it is easy to change this situation, a different color of the light bulb can make your colorful life.


    5. Rich the model. Lamps can strengthen the three-dimensional feeling of the structure, while fluent lamps and lanterns modelling can also bring the artistic effect.Sometimes the change of lights and shade can make the living room more abundant.

    In a word, with the development of science, the decoration means of lighting will be more and more flexible. This is all the content of this article above. I hope this article will be helpful for you to choose the right lights for decoration.

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    Thank you!

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