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How to choose the right lights for the hotel?

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    Sometimes the customers may fall in love with a hotel because their good environment and excellent decoration. But, as we all know that every hotel's decoration style is different, how can the hotel become the special one to their customers? As a hotel owner or manager, how do you choose the right decoration for the hotel? More than that, how do we choose the most suitable lampLet us share the following aspects with you.


1. The color

    First of all, in the selection process, the most important thing should be the color. The color of the lamp is the main element that determines the theme of the hotel. As for the color of the hotel lighting, we generally choose warm colors to make our guests feel that we are hospitable, and choose cool colors to make our guests feel elegant.

2. The size

    The lamp size is also very important. In general, the size of the lamp should not exceed the middle 40% of the room ceiling. If the light is too big, it may lead to a bad feeling. Thus, in order to avoid making the room look narrow and cramped, we need to choose a suitable size of lighting fixtures.


3. The model

    When it comes to the lights model, we can go with octopus, feather decorations, cartoon balloon decorations and so on. These are optional, but we must consider the design of the room. For example, we can choose a simple but cute pendant lights in a kid's room. Meanwhile, we can choose a modern and romantic chandeliers in a couple's room.

4. The style

    The differences in style is a significant factor, too. Nowadays, numbers of hotels are popular with European and Ancient style, they would like to choose the lightings which are European, classical and elegant. While some hotels prefer to select some modern and luxury chandelier to make a fashion and grand atmosphere.


    This is all the content of this article above. I hope this article will be helpful for you to choose the right lights for the hotel. KAMABLE is a professional lighting manufacturer, especially custom made lightings. Please contact us if you need Project lights, Crystal ceiling lights, Brass chandeliers, table lights, floor lamps and so on.  

    Thank you!

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